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Building intimacy with your new partner by discussing these sex-related topics

Building intimacy with your new partner by discussing these sex-related topics

Building intimacy with your new partner by discussing these sex-related topics

You partner should be your best friend, your closest person, someone you can share everything with. One of these things, to some even the most crucial one, is your shared sex life. If you want to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship, talking about your sexual desires, kinks and expectations in bed is pretty important. And here are some things you should always be able to talk about with your lover.

The importance of sex to both of you – are you compatible here?

Do you look for the same things in a sexual partner? For example, your person is sex-crazed and hypersexual, they like to have sex every day, or maybe several times a week. Maybe even several times a day! To them, sex is what makes them happy and nourished, and they need it like the air they breathe. Do you feel the same way about it? Ask your significant other how do they define it, what is their relationship orientation and desired structure, ask about their libido, all yeses and nos in bed, and even things like what part of the day are their favorite for making love… When your conversation gets sparked, you will probably think of even deeper and more thought-provoking things to ask them. Just go with the flow and have fun while talking about these things – they should bring you closer together and be one of the reasons why you two get on like a house on fire. 

Experimenting in bed… Are you open to trying out unusual things together?

There are so many of us in the world and we all have different personalities, so it is understandable our preferences are also not the same. What one person likes, the other one can hate, or feel uneasy about. Someone likes to experiment in bed, and even these situations will be different for different couples. What’s important here is that you share things you would like to try. If you want your sex life to be rich and diverse, unpredictable and thrilling, and your partner doesn’t do anything about it, guess what you have to do – tell them about your expectations and desires! For example, you might want to go to a live sex cam site and chat with a model, just for fun. To you, this is not a form of being unfaithful, you are just playful and sexually creative. You encounter hot finds, like RebeccaBlussh live cam show, and this is too tempting to miss out on! You want to experiment and get inspired by talking to a model attractive and sexually open like this, and then share it with your partner. Maybe you want to involve a third party and have an actual threesome, or just use a sex doll and numerous sex toys. Whatever you think will excite you, if you are open about it, you have the potential to have perfect sex experiences with your person!

Their sexual history – but don’t be jealous!

Apparently, this can be a problematic topic to some people because they don’t like imagining their partners with their ex boyfriends and girlfriends, and they don’t like learning about their romantic past experiences, but what will help you get to know your significant other better? This is actually a very useful thing to know! You can ask your partner about their sexual history to become even closer to them. What did they like in the past that they might still like now? And what didn’t they like? When did they have the most intense orgasm and what came before and made it happen? Is there a sex act they always wanted to try, but never have? The exes don’t even need to be mentioned, just these details. And you must confess, it’s exhilarating to talk about these things. 

Their turn-ons and fetishes to share with you… or not

This is another crucial thing that helps two people build their intimacy – sharing fetishes and kinks… or the lack of any. Or you just both want to learn about something new you could try together first. You can always read sex forums to get some cool ideas. If you want to really know your lover well, these things shouldn’t be taboo topics. You don’t have to hide your kinks just to please someone or not scare them away, and if your partner has their own weird preferences, denying them of these will not be good for your connection. You don’t have to do everything they like, but at least you can be supportive about it… unless we are talking about something really sick, like socially unacceptable and illegal phenomena. 

Health is wealth, and in this case, the sexual health is what we mean

Have you ever been STI-tested? Has your person? Are they responsible as sex partners? What kind of protection do they use and do you two agree upon this? If you ask your man to wear a condom, or your woman to take pills, can you trust them with that? Because it is pivotal for every relationship to see eye to eye in light of these terms. Of course, only if you find someone who takes care of their sexual well-being and who will respect your decisions regarding these matters, and who is responsible not just to themselves, but to you as well, can you work on your intimacy and inseparability with that person. And you know what? Don’t settle for less! 

In a nutshell, if sex is what you like talking about, there are so many great topics you can discuss with your partner that can bring you closer together. These are some suggestions, but you will probably know even better for yourself when you two get involved in all sorts of conversations. It’s different for everyone, yet these things are significant to know about right away. And even if you are not compatible from the very first second, these are things you can work on, if you both want to. Enjoy your relationship!   

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